How YW Started

YonderWest fills a void in the private aviation landscape.

Coming from a fast-paced scheduling background in both management and privately held flight departments, our team had the pedigree and track record to orchestrate demanding trips. This expanded into what YonderWest is today.

YonderWest is the Go-To platform connecting 1-4 aircraft flight departments to some of the best Mission Management talent anywhere. Protect your people, focus on Mission Success and cement your operations staffing with YWA.


Neil Capano

Neil Capano founded YonderWest in 2018 to critical and industry acclaim. An “Aircraft Management” iconoclast and FAA Certified Aircraft Dispatcher, Neil has worked with tech startups, privately-held flight departments, charter operators and major airlines.  This diverse set of experiences - Taken from multiple vantage points within the industry- allowed him design a new set of aircraft scheduling and logistics standards. These YonderWest Evolved products aim to simplify the aircraft ownership experience while maintaining regulatory compliance and flight department autonomy.  


Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews is a director level private aviation executive whose focus has been aircraft transactions, aircraft management, operations, and consulting- with over 30 years of experience. Greg started his career selling piston, owner-flown aircraft, which he parlayed into turbine aircraft marketing and sales at Clay Lacy Aviation, TWC Aviation and JetEffect. At YonderWest; Greg’s focus is returning managed aircraft to Part 91 flight operations, and consulting with principals, and flight departments on operational options for their aircraft.

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