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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our mission management services and policies.

What’s the difference between international trip support and Mission Management?

Ownership is the primary difference. Your mission manager has ownership of the trip at hand and can also work directly with our affiliate network to get you flight plans, customs and permits worldwide. Our partners can handle trips on a per leg basis or as a bundled unlimited model; all contractually and financially handled through your YonderWest agreement.

What flight scheduling software are YonderWest Mission Managers familiar with?  

Our Mission Managers are able to step into any scheduling software your flight department may be using.

My flight department has never had a scheduling software before—can you help us choose?  

Absolutely. We can help you identify and implement a system that works for your operation.

Where can I find more information about an individual mission manager? Does my flight department get to choose?

As part of the onboarding process, we will introduce you to two mission managers—both qualified for your mission profile and vetted to match your required demeanor. Want to start the process?  Email

Are YW mission managers full time employees?

Mission Managers are independent contractors of YonderWest and deployed to flight departments via the YonderWest platform. As a California entity, we fully comply with some of the strictest state labor regulations in the country and apply these regulations regardless of jurisdiction.

Where is my mission manager located?

We presently have Mission Managers available in Connecticut, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Colorado, California, Arizona and Washington. This flexibility gives our flight department partners the ability to utilize Mission Managers to provide specialty solutions. East Coast based operators can utilize a West Coast based Mission Manager to get extra hours of on call coverage. Conversely, West Coast flight departments can utilize East Coast Mission Managers to shrink the gap between the home office and Europe. The possibilities are endless.

We already have a scheduler. Why should we have a mission manager too?  

Your scheduler is in a unique position being entitled to the full benefits, vacations, and compensation of any other corporate employee. Will you simply stop flying if they are out of pocket? Your Mission Manager works side by side with your scheduler, reducing burnout and vastly improving employee QOL.

Our pilots handle everything. What’s the value of a mission manager?  

YonderWest is a staffing retention company. Let’s assume that the senior captain of a Gulfstream G550 is compensated aproximately US$250,000 a year plus benefits. Studies have shown that the identifying, recruiting and training cost to replace that employee is double their salary.  YonderWest retainers typical runs a fraction of that cost per year. Our services are a value driven way to improve employee workloads on routine tasks. This partnership benefits your flights with consistency and team with reduced burnout and potential turnover.